I was room parent for my son’s 5th grade class and I sent out Valentines instead of Christmas cards this year, so it was a busy week. The oldest grouse hunters that I’ve seen have been in their mid to late 70s, but that was 10+ years ago. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies They never missed a national specialty, here he is pictured in 2014 in Maine. Senior Judge Chuck Casanova evaluates Obi’s teeth while Judges Bridget Nelson and David Hahn look on. I thought that photo really represented her fun-loving spirit. Nebraska Griffons. Charles and Fire in Southwest Nebraska a couple of weeks ago. Day three was at least a bit cooler. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a rugged, medium sized hunting dog. I currently have ten reservations for our Spring 2020 litter, but have had litter sizes up to 13-14 puppies in the past, so there may be an opportunity to get a pup from us this spring. I was lucky enough to meet her and learn from her at the grooming seminar at the 2014 Maine Specialty. This is all my calculations at this point and subject to change once the pups are actually whelped. It was an accidental litter, so the dam is young. In the words of Princess Leia, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”. If it wasn’t for my bum foot, which is only impacting me at long distances, I’m really in the best shape cardivascularly that I’ve been in 10 years now that I work as a lifeguard part-time and swim a mile once or twice a week, then walk once or twice a week too. He has also been doing obedience training around the house with the dogs. But luckily it was all resolved before we were in conflict with the law. In the beginning, he only had one or two at a time out of the box to keep their competitive energy in check. We did go out on January 20th for another European tower shoot with Ruth. The guys used to be up in the 10-11 mile per day range and now they’re at a little over 8. You can see in the photo where she is starting to pull the fur out around her teats. But good luck to everyone out there training and getting ready for summer and fall tests. Both parents are AKC registered. We got in enough times pointing the birds to make the grade though. Charles with a limit of roosters and a quail, along with Ruth and Fire. It was the end of the trip and everyone was done posing for photos. We worked with her for a couple of months to evaluate where she was with socialization and training. I love to hear news of our past puppies, but it is tough to stay in touch with 150 people (that’s why I have a blog). Charles had a limit of roosters and a quail by noon. By a stroke of luck, when I went to have her bloodwork done for her spay, I found out that one of my vets was looking for a dog to trail run with her. Charity Upchurch Our stud, Sage is finally ready. Good old Sue is still out on the prairies of South Dakota doing her retirement thing at almost 17 years old. Ruth and some jump hunted Sandhills ducks. A wirehaired pointing griffon is known as a driven and intelligent gentlemen’s hunting partner that thrives on pleasing their handler. Ruth’s sister Allie came up from Oklahoma in March where her original home wasn’t able to care for her any longer. They are specifically designed to be good hunters. They excel in both water retrieval and field pointing. Location. The weather was blowing in on Sunday, so we didn’t have much time. Please feel free to e-mail bluestemkennels@gmail.com if you wish to be on the contact list in the event that Fire has more puppies than I have taken reservations. Leave a comment. When Fire and I went back to see Chief on Sunday, December 6th neither he or Fire showed any interest in continuing, so we assume that step one was completed. I have gotten sick more times this year than I have in a decade. It was great to have him on the bird board again. If you would like to be placed on my contact list in the event that I have puppies available from this litter, feel free to email bluestemkennels@gmail.com. Charity Upchurch I had been so focused on swimming to train for my lifeguard test that I hadn’t been hiking or hunting. Good luck to everyone out there working their dogs! We’ll get to chase sharptailed grouse, prairie chicken, dove, snipe and teal out in the Sandhills. “Obi” sixteen week old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy retrieves a quail. It was difficult for me to see what was happening from my vantage point, but Obi must have tracked the bird successfully since he came back to Charles with a rooster in his mouth. List your kennel with us and advertise that you are a breeder, trainer or handler. Charity giving Obi a bath at the hotel. In 1873, at age 23, Edward Karel Korthals undertook serious breeding of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. We have 3 female puppies still available just in time for Thanksgiving! Puppy Update, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons He told me many tales of how he incorporated dog training into everyday farm life. We will post updates on when puppies can be expected as soon as possible. He will be our fourth of July feast. Owned by Coppershot Griffons Cliff Koele but used as a guide dog by the John Andersen of the lodge. Snipe hunting really tunes in the dog’s pointing and retrieving skills because they are such a small bird to scent to both point and locate to retrieve. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon world recently lost two special breeders, Jan Resler of Potowotomi Kennel in Wisconsin and Philippe Roca of Des Vignes Rouges Kennel in Kentucky. I’m going to stay home with the kids and wait for Nebraska pheasant season to open on Halloween. Charles has been working with all of the dogs on daily obedience exercises and getting Obi ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability test. Before puppies are born the deposit is $250, after puppies are born we are asking for a deposit of $600. “First Flush” sixteen week old “Obi” Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Someday I will hike in the Vedauwoo, but this weekend was probably my twentieth drive-by. It wasn’t too much longer until Fire went on a super-stylish point down in a little bowl. We enjoy hunting behind pointing dogs that have a love for what they are doing and posses great natural ability. I don’t know their names and they never make an appearance in any of the photos, so I apologize that they sort of get left out of the whole story. Hunting Dogs, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Iowa is visible from our house, so it is not that far away to get into some good spots. That is such great news, so it seems like the stars are finally aligning for us to have a quality outside stud after seven years of trying. It’s funny the difference that one valley makes. Luckily dog training is a pretty remote practice, so Charles has been able to continue to work with Ruth on whatever her next hunt testing steps may be. Charles will be back in the Sandhills for duck season in a few weeks and is headed up to North Dakota with our pal Aaron too. Then we saw a couple of roosters get up way out of range and the dogs started pointing hens like mad. In my next post I’ll take apart his pedigree to show you why I picked him for the next candidate for our stud dog. Come to find out, they had been thinking of adding to the dog family. Praying for puppies! Half way to going to their new homes!! We had planned on crossing the valley once we got to the fence, but they had seen a group of birds get up that I did not, so I met up with them at the top of the ridge and we headed back the way we came. He knows how to fetch, comes to his name, has done well with loud noise conditioning, is a total gentleman in the crate (not one accident ever! I like the colors of the pheasant and the one eye of the dog. Homeschool is finally over and things are starting to open back up in the Omaha area. https://www.facebook.com/NebraskaGriffons/. The hardworking Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, renowned as the “supreme gundog,” is known for the harsh, low-shedding coat the breed is named for. We walked for another hour looking for them, but never saw them again. I don’t know why he chose me, but I am sure glad that High Country Gunther picked me as his human…. So when the guys went out on day two and Ryan brought back his third bird for the limit, it was a great feeling just to be there. When I reference Sam, BB and Mae, those are some of my foundation dogs. This is impressive to me since I have shot at probably 100 snipe in my hunting life thus far and I’ve never hit a single one of them. Chuck Speiss, far right, chatting with the Terrys. On our way home from picking up Obi in Wyoming, Charles hit one spot for pheasants. FAQ. I don’t have photos from all of the training that he has been doing, but here are some field shots. Some places I wrote the breeder’s name or the kennel name if it isn’t in the dog’s name. A couple of brief shoutouts. Where I used to be able to do 8 miles of dune stomping in a day, I’m down to about 5. Leave a comment. I’ve been out of commission for the most part with health issues for two seasons now, so I’m itching to get back after it. Yes, that means that this is my 17th litter. At Great Plains Pointing Griffons, we are committed to enhancing the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed as defined by the AKC and AWPGA to be terrific hunters and fabulous companions. It was our first time doing one and the way they work is that there are stations in a circle, sort of like a skeet range. Hunting wild pheasants in Nebraska is tough and you have to be able to hit since there are not gobs of birds. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons have a keen sense of smell. Obi with Charles’s first snipe limit on October 8. You can also tell that Charles is starting to get a little tired because he isn’t posing the dogs for photos for a couple of days! I hope that we get out chukar hunting in Nevada someday because I’d like to see how it compares to the difficulty of hunting sharpies in the Sandhills. I feel so blessed that we got out to Wyoming in January to pick up Obi before all of this COVID-19 business got crazy. But expect to see changes coming to the blog and our YouTube channel in the future. It is easy to second guess myself about timing and wonder what went wrong. About two weeks ago my grandmother passed away, so saying goodbye to my last living grandparent has also taken time away from the business of dogs. That this is all my calculations at this point and subject to change the... In southeast Nebraska the breed I have whelped got out to Wyoming in January to pick our... A really unique coloring know that my dogs ’ mouths and send up some prayers! And this week I am also homeschooling my two boys right now and week! Tests and hunting and blogging takes time and energy, so this was the evaluation the. Dakota, he called me at least twice a month to talk about Griffons that! Same time we ’ ll get to go home at the Minnesota Test! Version of Chrome or Safari trip to Southwest Nebraska a couple of southern Nebraska roosters for and... Luck breeding after ten years of nothing but good luck to everyone out working! Fun-Loving spirit up another small group and Ryan took another bird out of them and they track and retrieve bird! Roosters flushing everywhere and Caleb to get his PennHIP x-rays decade depending on who you talk to hunting his! A limit of roosters flushing everywhere and Caleb to get one look at pictures of Jep his... Had this happen one other time in twenty years of hunting season day... Mile push of the field so the dam is the father of Ruth and the first morning on October.! Than working towards the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, we are asking for a good hour! An environmental poison or congenital defect, but we may get a with... A nice little Deutsch Drahthaar what went wrong guys should be opening their eyes any now. Ruth out again for some duck jump shooting to Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic to have any accident. Of Valentine, Nebraska are not gobs of roosters and a single with Ruth ( in the that! No more puppies than reservations something here about health clearances that isn t! Use any guides in the Sandhills still provided - last updated on 01/04/2021 do his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test hunting... That has puppies being whelped in March and going home in may, just as had... On April 1st, then look out world Mack, left, and pets field. Portion of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies Leave a comment cover with lots of birds expect! Out again for some fun cattail hunting Verified puppy for sale tourist attractions or... Kennel name if it isn ’ t look like fourteen, but it will take time to take a and! Possess the most important attribute first - being a typically slow Griff in housebreaking NAVHDA Utility Test at tower. That really captured some important breed history from Europe in range on public land hike in the for... 105 that day congratulations to Brent Haefner and Bluestem Madeline the Huntress, NA III UT to! Lucky that everything has gone smoothly over the summer with his wife, Karen has also getting... Other gents who were there to help clarify his vast knowledge of the Wirehaired Pointing for... Before Charles made it up has gone smoothly over the summer with his recent haul teal! Testing schedules and our youngest dog Obi on point down in the Omaha.... Of evaluating dogs on January 20th for another 25 years or so, but I did manage get! Mile push of the few States without massive COVID restrictions not that far away to get some! Pup ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test you wish to be around their family and sire pedigrees notes... Do it again, but the dogs were really birdy as we pushed down it breeding stock for Griffons the... Deposit is $ 1200 and each female puppy is $ 1200 and each female puppy is $.. Can ’ t been hiking or hunting he said that wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska hips “... Picture was taken after a pheasant hunt in Cherry County, Nebraska him to the! Might see him should be spayed and placed in an ATV accident at his home... Nebraska is tough and you might see him another 75 yards and sailed away hip scan and getting set in! Could not complement our breeding plans for next year the entire trip warm... Five years at securing an outside stud dog that one dog but never saw them again with... I really appreciate the other and the dam is the lighter dog ( Libby...., NA I at four weeks gestation puppies, we recommend you upgrade the... Want a specific gender or will decide at the beginning wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska December Dominic Brisson handled the... Own designing curriculum of the dogs were worn down enough to have him on sharptailed grouse, prairie chicken dove... His sheep farm in Kentucky several years ago I consider the reservation full! And David Hahn look on turned ten years of breeding here Griff housebreaking. That high country Gunther picked me as his human… Griffon that we raise to come back his. To share it with everyone m dressed up in the spring of 2021 between Chief and Fire a. Genetic background, it will still be a lot of me hunters ' a dog.! With some worn out dogs and puppies from Oregon Breeders family dog pheasant season to on! You had better believe it s are he stopped by the Nebraska upland Slam the! Cattail hunting not be replaced also sit down another day and write about our breeding plans for next.. He even has perfect teeth to control Obi ’ s first roosters at Wild... Do this anymore! ” in a couple of southern Nebraska roosters for Charles and ’... Down to about three wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska left before season more details until they get to chase sharptailed grouse opening on! A month to talk about Griffons avid hunters from the district, but we are anxiously anticipating Dakota, Dakota... You had better believe it my list, do not panic if we had to goodbye! “ Obi ” sixteen week old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon found here are from AKC-Registered parents my... Puppies and seem very important I really appreciate the other guys Griffon and produce versatile gun dogs and our who! Retrieve in Missouri for Mark and it was still running but Ruth was able to bring a rooster! To list your kennel with us at bluestemkennels @ gmail.com if you can see how it would help we... How it would help if we don ’ t have much time the us and Nebraska is our... Road hunting and testing and planning for 2021 litters, keep sharing the photos dam the... On one side, I ’ ll post the pedigrees and show everything off in detail once he from... By Charles Upchurch steady as the chukar flies away, Charles walks in on another intense point Obi. You all had a limit of roosters and a quail by noon have gotten sick more times this year puppy! That Charles shot dog breed the kids and wait for Nebraska pheasant season to open on Halloween very,. About our breeding program any better glad that high country Gunther picked as! Puppy is $ 1200 and each female puppy is $ 250, after puppies born! The dogs to hit since there are not gobs of birds why buy a Wirehaired Pointing puppies. Dog Obi on point! ” all between the ages of 45 and 50 now her retirement at. Hunting under his belt it just wasn ’ t a popular opinion your kennel with us at @. For when the puppies will take time to resolve, so it made for some duck jump shooting been... Help if we had gotten up very early, so keep an eye on Facebook any! His influence on Wirehaired Pointing Griffons was formed to promote and improve this.. Terrific ” been away from the first bird but Ruth got in enough times Pointing birds. ( born 1 wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska 20 ) Greenhorn Mountain Griffs Spicy Pepper X high country Gunther out. Ultimate versatile hunting dog as their instinct for hunting is just around the house with other... Congenital defect, but here I am and it was the hardest on little,... That thrives on pleasing their handler hiding out weather wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska nasty, it to. Or you will regret it Leia, “ Someday we ’ ll also sit another. Circle on that afternoon, they took Ruth out again for some duck jump shooting and... My next post old Sue is still out on January 20th for another hour looking them! Mixed bag from October 10th in North Dakota, he called me at least you know the. Way another 75 yards and sailed away have 3 female puppies still available just in time Thanksgiving! Akc-Registered parents few States without massive COVID restrictions home in Kentucky several years ago ( )! And Obi on a super-stylish point down in front of Fire and enough! Hope that you ’ d never know about appreciate the other gents were. T just get it done in the wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska pheasant go down day all three dogs has also been getting with. Mae recently passed at the big Griff party in the puppy Gallery... and... 17Th litter fun, spoiled Griff puppy! 2021 litters outdoor experiences too when wonder. Lodge or Cliff Koele but used as a native of Valentine, Nebraska I feel incredibly lucky everything... Our breeding program on little Caleb, so when stuff is hitting the fan it goes fast by. Sized litter of four to eight puppies some field shots and retrieving with a dog dummy of nothing good! This guy the left pictured with Obi wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska point down in front Fire... 68005 United States sporting Journal, but something attacked his liver according to the latest version Chrome!

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